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This reads like a lupine version of THE LION KING with a couple of interesting twists thrown in, which intrigues me - and since I found...

Here is a very good example of why it's better to start small, so to speak. It would have been easy - and understandable - to dress the...

This is the kind of story I would like to see more often in your gallery: a strip fight! Staging the skirmish in some sort of grand Ren...

Not your most stellar work, to put it frankly. The setting doesn't seem to have anything to do with a school reunion, except for the co...

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Never Smylex a Crocodile: Epilogue :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
A Leg Up On the Competition: Epilogue
A Leg Up on the Competition: Epilogue
Stacy is congratulated by Victoria and Lita on her unexpected victory. Then, once the other two have left, Trish approaches, looking over the Number One Contender contemptuously.
“Well, look who it is,” says Trish mockingly. “The biiig winner…by default.”
Stacy is unintimidated. “I know why you did it, Trish. You and I both knew I wasn’t going to win that match. Victoria was, and you’re obviously scared of Victoria. So you interfered and distracted her so that she’d get counted out, and now you think you’ve got it made because you’re facing me instead. Well, Trish, I’m just here to warn you to be careful what you wish for.”
Trish smiles and insultingly pats Stacy on the head. “Oh, Stacy…What a fantasy world you’re living in! I’m not scared of Victoria, and I’m definitely not scared of you.” Then Trish frowns and sneers. “The real
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0
Slaer and Strowman, Part V
Slaer and Strowman, Part V
November 21st: In a rematch, Strowman manages to overcome his latest nemesis, Goldust, pinning him. Summer Slae is most pleased. Then the Buffy-like Svengali gets on the mic again.
“This is my warning to all those in WWE – and you all know full well who you are – who abominate the natural order of things. The purge has only just begun. For your own sake, get out now. Leave this company forever…or stay, and accept the punishment you know you have coming. Actually, Braun Strowman would prefer you to stay. His level of aggression is so high that he must unleash it on someone…and, for the sake of non-abominations everywhere, both and he and I would prefer the likes of you scum to be the victims. The choice is fully yours, so make it – but bear in mind that whatever happens to you afterward will be entirely on your heads. Your unnatural, abominable, freakish heads.”
Lince Dorado, backstage with Sin Cara, suddenly f
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
Slaer and Strowman, Part IV
Slaer and Strowman, Part IV
November 14th: One week after having challenged Goldust on behalf of her client, Braun Strowman, Summer Slae addresses the Monday Night Raw crowd with Strowman in tow.
“Here in WWE we are cursed to be burdened by the existence of a man made out of gold. Men have never been made out of gold. Men should never be made out of gold. Any living being made of gold is an abomination of nature – fit only to be melted down and rendered nonexistent. As the Slaer, tonight this I vow: this “Goldust”, this hollow golden idol, this metallic shell of a man, shall be purged from the purity of our glorious earth by a real and true man, the righteous knight known as Braun Strowman. So, Golden Truth – present yourself in this ring, so that we may rid the world of the golden calf known as Goldust.”
The Golden Truth approach the ring. Their theme song is playing, but R-Truth is not performing his usual lively rap and in fact looks very serious
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
Slaer and Strowman, Part III
Slaer and Strowman, Part III
The next week (November 7th), “Summer Slae” reveals the name of the first “freak” she and Strowman have targeted for destruction.
“There is one within our ranks whose very presence is an unforgivable affront to all that is holy. His name is Big Cass, and he’s seven feet tall…and I can’t – stand – that. He towers over the rest of humanity, mocking all that is normal and pure. He is an abomination of nature – yet another intolerable foe of the Slaer. So we are calling out Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Goliath must be cut down to size…and Braun Strowman is just the man to do it.”
Enzo Amore and Big Cass enter the arena. Their music is playing, but for once they don’t entertain the crowd with their “How you doin’?” shtick. Instead, they stare straight ahead at Slae and Strowman, piercing them with hateful eyes. The match ends when Strowman pins Cass after a Sidewalk
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
Slaer and Strowman, Part II
The Slaer and the Abominable Strowman, Part II
Summer Rae (now “Summer Slae”)
Braun Strowman
Big Cass (with Enzo Amore)
Goldust (with R-Truth)
Finn Bálor
On October 31st – Halloween – the dark stranger with the crucified figurine returns to WWE. But it is no longer masked; instead, a long black hood and cape conceal it from view. It is still bearing the figurine, which is still painted in black and white. And, as before, trailing not too far behind is Braun Strowman – still in a transfixed state, and effectively this dark creature’s slave!
The black-draped figure lowers its head, casts off its cape and hood, and raises its head again – and the figure turns out to be none other than Summer Rae, returned from her injury! But she has changed a great deal: she is now dressed in a black leather jacket, matching pants, black boots, and a red tank top. She also looks much grimmer and even angrier than we remember her.
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0
Mature content
A Leg Up On the Competition, Part One :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0
Mature content
Centerfold Sins, Part Two :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0
Mature content
Centerfold Sins (Part One) :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0
Mature content
The Slaer and the Abominable Strowman :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 2
WWE: Brand E (Part II)
WWE: Brand E (Part II)
by Nuhagojo
Monday Night RAW, February 13: The two members of the Brand E faction - Titus O'Neil and Big E - are in the ring, promoting Brand E fedoras, sport coats, silk neckties, suspenders, pinkie rings, alligator shoes...and (after stripping down) paisley underwear (in which they will actually wrestle). The now-reduced New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) appear on the scene and Woods tells the Brand E pitchmen that instead of focusing so much on their underwear, maybe they should focus on what they can DO in their underwear. Brand E prove they are not just all talk in the following tag-team match, which ends with their victory after a Clash of the Titus to Woods.
Later on, Titus and Big E are in a lounge backstage, celebrating in their "private corner" (with glasses of Brand E brandy!) until they notice Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox standing nearby. Big E tells them they have to leave, explaining that their "private corner" is for V.I.P.s only. Fox cha
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
WWE: Brand E (Part I)
WWE: Brand E (Part I)
by Nuhagojo
January 30, 2017 edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW
After three consecutive weeks of losing to the New Day - first Xavier Woods, then Big E, and finally Kofi Kingston, Titus O'Neil pours all his energies into formulating a plan for revenge. And the plot he has hatched is not only incredibly devious, but all but totally disastrous for the New Day!
The New Day have just gained a tag-team victory over the Shining Stars - after a Big Ending and a pin from Big E - when O'Neil storms the ring and takes over the show.
He angrily addresses the crowd. "All you people are probably thinking the New Day's got my number," he says accusingly. "Well, the number's once again unlisted...because I've got a new partner, and together we are going to destroy the New Day!"
Xavier Woods is not impressed. "Strong words, Titus. Who, exactly, is this marvelous partner of yours?"
On cue, all three members of the goofy tag team begin hooting like owls: "HOO! HOO! HOO! HOO! HOO! HOO! HOO
:iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 2 0
Mature content
Never Smylex a Crocodile (third chapter) :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 1 0
Mature content
Never Smylex a Crocodile (second chapter) :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 7 3
Mature content
Never Smylex a Crocodile 1 :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 4 5
Mature content
STAR WARS: THE QUEEN'S COMING-OUT PARTY :iconw9lh9f3:w9lh9f3 0 0


I Think It Should Fit! by Artiste1955
Mature content
I Think It Should Fit! :iconartiste1955:Artiste1955 137 24
Breakout In Cellblock 12! by Artiste1955
Mature content
Breakout In Cellblock 12! :iconartiste1955:Artiste1955 131 29
The Group at Summer by Gojirafan1994 The Group at Summer :icongojirafan1994:Gojirafan1994 2 1 Girlfriend Spanked - take 2 by AnkaSP
Mature content
Girlfriend Spanked - take 2 :iconankasp:AnkaSP 134 13
Catfight Sequence 7 by Artiste1955
Mature content
Catfight Sequence 7 :iconartiste1955:Artiste1955 26 3
Catfight Sequence 5 by Artiste1955
Mature content
Catfight Sequence 5 :iconartiste1955:Artiste1955 23 3
Romance River by Gojirafan1994 Romance River :icongojirafan1994:Gojirafan1994 2 2 Parent Night by AnkaSP
Mature content
Parent Night :iconankasp:AnkaSP 245 8
Catfight ads 18 by Rabiat80085
Mature content
Catfight ads 18 :iconrabiat80085:Rabiat80085 18 3
evil kids in the kitchen by archangemon
Mature content
evil kids in the kitchen :iconarchangemon:archangemon 92 9
High Society Black Pantyhose Catfight #11 by Catfight-Superstars
Mature content
High Society Black Pantyhose Catfight #11 :iconcatfight-superstars:Catfight-Superstars 19 2
Mature content
The First Humiliation of Sluttocks :iconenfmaster:ENFMaster 34 7
Catfight Sequence 15 by Artiste1955
Mature content
Catfight Sequence 15 :iconartiste1955:Artiste1955 51 4
Commission - Land of the Dead Cover by RoninDude Commission - Land of the Dead Cover :iconronindude:RoninDude 1,536 173 Princess Rippara by gao23
Mature content
Princess Rippara :icongao23:gao23 474 89
Eulogy by gao23
Mature content
Eulogy :icongao23:gao23 348 54



For a while now, some people have been inquiring about the conclusion of my Tick-Tock/Batman crossover story from a few years back. Well, the climax would have been a standard "Batman-comes-to-the-rescue-and-beats-up-the-bad-guys" offering...and so the EUF ended, causing me to lose interest. But I did come up with notes for a dénouement, which I fleshed out as quickly as possible tonight in order to have something to post! So here's the epilogue - and believe me, it's worth reading!

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Never Smylex a Crocodile: Epilogue

The Joker emerged from the toothy maw of Tick-Tock the Crocodile with a Neverland-made ringing alarm clock in his (frayed and ripped) gloved hands…and very few clothes left on his body. Vexed by the shrill noise, he flung the clock back toward his scaly pursuer. But just as the timepiece was about to hit Tick-Tock in the face, Sully, the Joker’s (new) “number-one guy”, pried open the crocodile’s jaws in a last-ditch effort to escape. He was immediately struck on the head by the flying clock! Sully went walleyed as his mouth curled up in a daffy smile; then he slid semiconscious back down Tick-Tock’s gullet!

Once they were certain that Sully was done for, Batman and Vicki Vale looked on in disbelief as the Joker made a desperate escape! His arms were now bare up to his shoulders and his purple-and-green plaid trousers now looked like raggedy pedal-pushers – and most of the seat of those trousers had been ripped out, proudly presenting his absurdly colorful, lollipop-print boxer shorts to the world. His purple coat had been drastically shortened and his shirt had been torn open to reveal a hairy - and sickly green! - chest. Together with all the exposed snow-white flesh, the body of the Clown Prince of Crime as he sprinted down the length of the Axis Chemicals canal made for quite a nauseating sight. Vicki winced, then made the “Ewww” face.

Batman, however, was appalled…and then disappointed…and, finally, extremely frustrated that his most obsessively sought-after prey was about to escape his wrath once again. “No!” he shouted in helpless anger. “NO!”

As always, Vicki’s kind heart caused her to sympathize with someone who didn’t deserve it. “Don’t worry - I think he’ll manage to escape.”

Batman couldn’t believe it! This woman was a complete idiot!

“You don’t understand!” he roared.

“I don’t understand what?”

As he grudgingly deigned to explain, Batman realized the innate absurdity – even for Gotham City – of what he was about to say next. “That crocodile is trying to claim what belongs to me. I’m the one who gets the Joker! Not the police, not the jailers, and definitely not some…some…animal!”

Vicki was now fully convinced that her former boyfriend was hopelessly obsessed. “Since when did the Joker belong to you?”

“Since he shot my parents! Not that it matters to that crocodile, apparently!”

“You already got your revenge up in the cathedral tower,” Vicki reminded the sinister hero. “It’s time to move on. And besides…it’s not like you’re not going to eat the Joker the way the crocodile is going to. You’d be depriving him of a meal, and he needs to eat.”

Batman could barely restrain himself from throttling Vicki for saying something so egregiously stupid! “This isn’t about a meal, Vicki! That croc doesn’t deserve the Joker! He didn’t have his parents slaughtered by that sick scum!”

Vicki shrugged. “Well…maybe he did. We can’t know for sure.”

“Oh, shut up! You’re a reporter.” Batman began to pout. “You’re too objective. You just can’t appreciate people’s feelings.”

Vicki almost rolled her eyes at the irony – or maybe even hypocrisy – of someone as insufferably rude as Batman always was telling her she was unappreciative of other people. But she knew that the black-clad figure before her was in no frame of mind to be mocked. So instead she put on a much more polite expression and replied, as tactfully as possible:

“I understand all that you’ve been through, Bruce, but – ”

She was momentarily silenced when Batman flashed her a Don’t-talk-to-me-like-I’m-a-child! glare.

“Well, no, I can’t say that,” Vicki continued once she had recovered from the nonverbal chiding. “I could never understand it, because what happened to you didn’t happen to me. But I can imagine what your state of mind must be like from day to day, and I do have compassion for you – all that is mine to give. But none of that changes what I believe, and what I think, deep down, you also believe, or at least know that you should believe. Justice is not yours to administer, Bruce. That’s not how society works.”

“Do me a favor and don’t call me ‘Bruce’ when I have the mask on, okay? And don’t you start taking the side of society all of a sudden. Society is totally corrupt. You know that.”

It was clear to Vicki that her former lover was in an impossibly stubborn mood. Time for some reverse psychology…

“…All right, Bru- I mean, Batman. What would make you feel better?”

“What would make me feel better?” Batman’s voice became assertive and commanding once again. “If some kind of justice were served, right here and now. If I were vindicated in some way.”

“Okay…but I don’t see what kind of immediate justice you have in mind. There’s nobody here left to punish…”

It was then that Vicki noticed Batman favoring her with a grin almost as huge and frightening as the Joker’s! Her reaction was more or less imperceptible blending of disbelief, outrage, and horror!

“What?!…No, you can’t be serious!…Don’t you even think about it! Don’t you dare! Get away from me!…EEEEEEEEK! HELLLLLP!”

Vicki tried her best to flee...but her legs, weary and aching from all her frantic activity earlier to avoid being eaten, weren’t about to allow her even a second head-start over the creepily smirking “hero” who was effortlessly jogging up to her in his black running boots. The defenseless blonde felt two musclebound, vulcanized rubber arms wind around her waist like slithering snakes. She let out a shriek that was more like a sharp, dismayed squeak!

Batman threw Vicki over his shoulder and carried her, with her legs kicking petulantly in the air, over to an empty drum of industrial waste. He tipped the barrel over with his boot and then placed Vicki over it, her naked ass jutting out from the hole Tick-Tock had torn in her silky French knickers, just begging for a visit from Batman’s black-gloved paw!

“You’re getting a spanking.”

Vicki nearly choked. This couldn’t be happening! It shouldn’t happen! She wasn’t ready, and probably never would be! When she was a girl, her parents had never spanked her. Her tender, virgin buttocks weren’t tough enough to withstand even a routine spanking – let alone one administered by a 200-pound, heavily muscled, perpetually angry vigilante!

“That’s not fair! I didn’t do anything to you!”

“Oh, how quickly we forget. When I asked you how much you weighed, you lied and said 108 pounds. So now you’ll get 108 spanks.”

“So I lied! What do you care?!”

“I was nearly killed - and worse yet, publicly unmasked - because of your lie.”

“I saved you, didn’t I?!”

“I saved myself. But that’s not the point. The Joker would have won, all because of you. You effectively served as one of his minions.”

Vicki was so disgusted by this slanderous statement that she temporarily forgot her terror. “That’s the stupidest logic I’ve ever heard!” she scoffed.

Batman’s response was stern, but also just a tad smug. “Nice going, Vicki. Now, just for calling me stupid, you’re not getting the palm of my gloved hand. Now you’re getting something worse - and believe me, my thick, hard, insulated gauntlet would have been bad enough.”

Vicki felt her self-confidence unexpectedly returning. “You’re bluffing! There’s nothing in this whole building you can use to paddle me!”

Well, they’d just see about that. Batman lifted Vicki from the barrel and carried her under one brawny arm as he perambulated the dock on the shore of the factory’s canal. Then he spied something very, very interesting: the Joker’s “Prank Bin!” After briefly sifting through the comedy props, he discovered just what he needed: a flattened wooden club designed to produce a booming “THWACK!” when it hit something!

As soon as Vicki noted what Batman had pulled from the box, her defiantly supercilious smirk collapsed, and her meekness and fright returned with a vengeance. “No! Noooo! Oh God, please don’t! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Pleeeease!”

“Sorry, but it’s too late.” The Caped Crusader sarcastically feigned weepiness. “You hurt my feelings!”

There was no hope of escape for the traumatized Vicki. Her delicate backside fully exposed, and her totally unjustified “punishment” inevitable.

Batman closed the bin and sat down on its lid, whereupon he placed Vicki across his lap. He went to clamp a glove over her mouth so he couldn’t hear her screams...but then he chuckled as he decided that, as damned annoying as Vicki’s characteristic screeching was, this gag just wouldn’t be truly funny or satisfying without it! So instead of muffling Vicki’s mouth, Batman pushed on the area of her bare bum-bags just below the anus, puffing them up so that the softest and most vulnerable areas would feel the sting of the paddle.

Vicki was so frightened and ashamed now that her voice was barely more than a breathy whisper. “Oh God, no…This is all a bad dream…”


“Ohh-h-h-h-h!” The sensation on Vicki’s rear was almost as painful as that of falling in a sitting position onto a particularly thorny rose bush.


“Ooooooooooooooh!” The poor damsel’s ass starting to feel as if it had spent several weeks at the Tropic of Cancer – without sunscreen. Vicki was suddenly craving a cooling splash of ice water on her posterior more than she had ever craved anything else.


With each whap, Vicki’s tochas transitioned a little further from a sunny peach to a deep rosy pink – and if current trends continued, it would soon approach a flagrant salmon red.

“EEEEEE! Stop! Dammit, stop this! How can I get you to let me go?”

“Why don’t you start by confessing the truth?”

But Vicki’s stuck-up attitude – and her mouth – wouldn’t allow her to even consider this merciful offer.

“Tell you how much I really weigh? Never!”


“Aaah! All right, all right!” Vicki was now blubbering, defeated and humiliated. All that concerned her now was whether – if ever – this nightmare would end.

“What is your weight?”

Vicki’s voice was so soft it could barely be heard. “134 pounds…sir.”

“Now…” began Batman patronizingly, consciously imitating his father’s voice. “Are you telling Daddy the truth? Is that your weight for real?”

It was time for Vicki to earn her freedom by turning the “cuteness” faucet up full-blast. She looked up at her undeniably virile and handsome spanker with “puppy-dog eyes” and treated him to her most ingratiating smile and puerile voice. “Uh-huh…” she whined.  

No possible way even Batman would be able to resist that!

And, indeed, at first the Dark Knight sounded merciful. “Well, Vicki…” he began diplomatically.

But then this cruel smile reappeared!

“You just made it 134 spanks.”

Vicki let out a scream epic enough to shatter every window in the area!
A Leg Up on the Competition: Epilogue

Stacy is congratulated by Victoria and Lita on her unexpected victory. Then, once the other two have left, Trish approaches, looking over the Number One Contender contemptuously.
“Well, look who it is,” says Trish mockingly. “The biiig winner…by default.”
Stacy is unintimidated. “I know why you did it, Trish. You and I both knew I wasn’t going to win that match. Victoria was, and you’re obviously scared of Victoria. So you interfered and distracted her so that she’d get counted out, and now you think you’ve got it made because you’re facing me instead. Well, Trish, I’m just here to warn you to be careful what you wish for.”
Trish smiles and insultingly pats Stacy on the head. “Oh, Stacy…What a fantasy world you’re living in! I’m not scared of Victoria, and I’m definitely not scared of you.” Then Trish frowns and sneers. “The real reason I got Victoria counted out was because I felt sorry for you. You don’t belong here. You’ve never belonged here. Do you know what I think you are, Stacy? I think you’re somebody’s hell on earth. I think someone must have been a really horrible person in a past life, and as punishment they got reincarnated as you.”
Instead of losing her temper, Stacy stares at Trish with hate and loathing. “I don’t believe in reincarnation, Trish. But if I did, I’d like to imagine that you’d be reincarnated as a cockroach.”
Trish is so outraged that she tackles Stacy to the ground and begins ramming her head backwards into the floor!
“Cockroach?! Cockroach?! DOES THIS FEEL LIKE A COCKROACH TO YOU?!”
Trish gets up and continues to kick Stacy’s supine body until Victoria arrives, grabs her and pins her against the wall.
Trish pretends to not be afraid: “Let go of me…loser!” But then Victoria threatens to punch her, and Trish flinches away and cringes.
“You may not be a cockroach, Trish,” Victoria says. “But it’s obvious you’re something far worse – a coward.”
Victoria starts to walk away – and Trish runs up behind her, clubs her in the back, beats her into a prone position, and then repeatedly kicks her as she did Stacy!
“You two are nothing! I’m the Women’s Champion! I will always be!”
Before she leaves, Trish drags the unconscious Victoria over to the unconscious Stacy and places the bigger Diva on top of the smaller one. But then she throws Victoria onto her back and tosses Stacy on top of Victoria!
“You see? I’ve pinned both of you!”
Joss Whedon, are you sure you're not a stealth-rightist? Because you have done significant damage to the liberal cause.

For the past decade, I have wanted to be like you and have practiced my craft to get to that point. Now I feel I am very much like you. But how can I possibly boast of this to my mostly conservative family and friends?

Everyone hates. The trick is not to make it plain. I hope you can remember that in the future.


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I love Disney, movies and comedy.


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